Maurten Gel 100

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Maurten Gel 100 is a high-quality energy gel. Built with six ingredients — no added colorants, preservatives or flavours. 25g of carbohydrates per serving. Can be used before, during and/or after activity.


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Elevate Your Performance with Maurten Gel 100

Maurten Gel 100 isn’t just another gel – it’s a bold departure from convention. Unlike traditional gels that simply mix water and carbohydrates into syrups, Gel 100 is a testament to innovation. It’s a biopolymer matrix designed to provide a revolutionary energy source.

What sets Gel 100 apart is its unique composition. Filled with a special blend of fructose and glucose in a ratio of 0.8:1, it’s engineered to enable remarkable carbohydrate uptake. Prepare to experience an uptake of up to 100 grams of carbohydrates per hour, empowering you to surpass your limits and achieve peak performance.

Fuel Your Success with Innovative Gel Technology

The power of Gel 100 lies in harnessing natural hydrogel technology. This technology ensures that carbohydrates are efficiently transported through your body, promoting effective absorption. Say goodbye to energy slumps and hello to a sustained energy source that keeps you energized and focused.

Natural Energy

Maurten Gel 100 isn’t just about science. Crafted with six natural ingredients, it’s a testament to quality and purity. Free from colorants and preservatives, this gel prioritizes your health and performance while providing an unparalleled energy source.

Optimal Carbohydrate Ratio

Each serving of Gel 100 contains a high weight-to-energy ratio, with 60% carbohydrates. The unique fructose and glucose blend, in a 0.8:1 ratio, provides the perfect synergy for energy uptake. Embrace a gel that delivers the fuel you need without compromise.

Maurten Gel 100 Serving Size

Gel 100 is conveniently available in 40g servings, perfectly portioned to provide you with the energy boost you need, whenever you need it. With its natural ingredients and potent energy profile, it’s your go-to solution for elevating your workouts and achieving your goals. 

Your Energy, Your Way

Experience the Gel Revolution

Consume Gel 100 minutes before, during, or directly after activity to experience its energizing benefits. This flexibility empowers you to customize your energy intake to match your performance needs. Fuel your passion, power through challenges, and conquer your goals with every step. To learn more about fuelling with Maurten, download the free Maurten Fuel Guides for Running or Cycling.

Maurten Gel 100 used by Flora Duffy

Informed Sports Certified

All Maurten gels and powders are Informed Sport certified.


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